Project 5.1 Military Degradation of the Environment
Project 5.2 Climate Crisis Education and Advocacy for Renewable Energy
Project 5.3 Civilian Nuclear and Environmental Hazards
Project 5.4 Support a Positive U.S. Position at the Copenhagen Conference

For half a century after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there was no greater environmental threat to the earth than nuclear weapons. This threat to life as we know it made nuclear disarmament a central theme of NFP’s mission during the first 35 years of our existence. As the tragedy of Chernobyl demonstrated, however, nuclear power in and of itself represents a needless danger to the planet, not only through the danger of generation, but also through its mining, storage, transport of spent fuel and reuse as depleted uranium weapons.

With the onset of global warming from the burning of fossil fuels, protection of the environment has become a pillar of the Peace & Justice movement in its own right. The earth’s ecosystems face catastrophic changes in the coming decades from this threat, all of which will heighten social tensions by increasing the potential for conflicts over scarce resources. Protecting the environment is now central to the work of peacemaking, both to reduce our carbon footprint and to end conflicts over foreign oil. Our advocacy for renewable energy development here in Nebraska — particularly wind and solar — is a natural outgrowth of this new issue priority.

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