Civil Rights & Economic Justice


Civil Rights & Economic Justice

Project 4.1 Whiteclay Alcohol Sales
Project 4.2 Immigration
Project 4.3 Racial Justice in Nebraska
Project 4.4 Equitable Access to Health Care
Project 4.5 Employee Free Choice Act

As our organizational motto states, “There is no peace without justice.” Unless we are laying the foundation for a society based on equality before the law, economic sufficiency and democratic participation for each of its members, peace will be elusive. A commitment to civil rights and economic justice for all has been a guiding principle of Nebraskans for Peace since its founding in 1970 and remains so today.

Although we annually designate issue priorities to focus on for the coming year, NFP’s support for justice and fairness ranges from Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual / Transgender rights to abolition of the death penalty and prison reform.

For 2010, we are continuing our decade-long effort to halt the illegal alcohol trade in Whiteclay, Nebraska; working to oppose discrimination against immigrants; promoting increased dialogue between African Americans and whites in Omaha; promoting a single-payer public option in health care; and lobbying for the “Employee Free Choice Act” to strengthen the ranks of organized labor.

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