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Report from the President


What NFP Got Done in 2009

This has been a pretty good year for NFP. Obviously the national climate has been a little more favorable to peacemakers since the last election, and the Nebraska political climate may be a bit more so too. People are even becoming complacent again. If popularity was determined solely by the number of bumper stickers seen in Lincoln, you’d think that NFP was the most popular organization in the state. Unfortunately that’s not the case. We still have an uphill battle to persuade Nebraskans of the folly of our common resort to violence and war, and we are continuing to have a tough go of it in the area of finances — to do what we need to do and pay our excellent staff a living wage.

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Fran Kaye Named ATM Peacemaker of the Year


Representatives of Nebraska’s peace and justice organizations gathered this past August to honor Fran Kaye, Professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Great Plains Institute, as the “Peacemaker of the Year.”

Upwards to half a hundred people turned out for the “Alternatives to the Military” (ATM) annual pot luck supper and salute at Christ United Methodist Church.

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